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The testimonials that follow show our history through Merlin Development Group and Topaz Consulting Group - now as a sole trader  from 2022, I am lucky enough to retain relationships with many of these clients .

We first met Chris in his days at Whitbread and have worked together for more years than either side might like to admit !


When at First Group and James joined him we worked on the development of a wide range of learning materials, trainer the trainer events and accredited programmes and qualifications.  

Rolling out nationwide initiatives, managing awarding bodies, convincing cynical boards, delivering brilliant returns on investment - all part of the deliverables 

Partnering with Andrew and his team as fellow suppliers, was a pleasure.

"Topaz's ability to consistently deliver is a rare quality - they listen, understand, promise AND deliver. Adds real value every time."

- Chris Jefferies, People 1st

 "Topaz have worked for First Group on several projects in the past and on all occasions has provided expert consultancy along with their own unique, engaging and friendly style when working with us. I would heartily recommend their work, knowledge and ability to ' hit the nail on the head' and deliver not only what is asked but innovative solutions to the task at hand" 

James Dalton, Group Head of Employee engagement and health

Topaz supported me with Client Account Management for a large international transport provider and we worked directly with senior directors, assisting them with innovative HR solutions as well as managing expectations. Topaz has an approach that makes people feel at ease and can create stragy plans efficiently in hte hardest of circumstances. I would welcome the chance to work with them again.

Andrew Samu, Digital StartUp

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